vendredi 17 juin 2011

French market.......

Up early today for my local market. I wanted to get there before the rain set in again. Work on the ark has commenced just in case the chateau should float away down the you think I should go for a toile interior or are arks more minimalist this year?!!

Dominique in his traditional Normandie indigo linen and hemp chemise always does a roaring trade with the tourists as he proudly offers a "degustation" of his home produced Calva.......

Who can resist these strawberries?.......actually I think it`s those little wooden punnets I like most!!

These cherries had the most divine smell!

I always think artichokes look exciting but I am never quite sure what you do with them...........

How many more colours of oignons are there?!!!

The fromage stand is definately a little "whifferama" but wonderful to say the least!!!!

I would bring home even more flowers................
if I could guarantee results like this...................
If you do not want to cook there are always some pretty interesting takeaway options.............

This is my last little haven of peace for a week for as we speak Tartelette is mid flight from Oregon on her way to Paris. Heavens!................ that will be the end of any peace and quiet!!

I wonder if I should send out some kind of alert to save any poor Parisians she may flatten in her rush to the brocante?

The "tranquillite" is about to be shattered - and I shall report when the eagle has landed!!!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Never mind the poor Parisians...I am going to have to get there early and beat her to all the lovely treasures.
    Can't believe she is coming back to Paris the same time as me. I bumped into her at Porte de Vanves last year at a lovely haberdashery stand....thanks for the tip off....will keep my eyes peeled!
    Julie x

  2. Brace yourself will hear her before you see her!!! Bring a brolly too!!

  3. You lucky, lucky girls how I wish that I was there.
    T x