vendredi 24 juin 2011

Works halted......................well, sort of!!!

It is pretty chaotic at the chateau to say the least!!! We have the " mini pelle" digger on site pipe laying, drive clearing and all sorts. The tractor and trailer are in and out and various stone works are happening. The drive work was halted briefly by Charles, le Baron du Breuil who decided that " Mais oui.................a three legged cat can also attempt to drive some heavy machinery !!".

Work has also had to be halted on the ceiling in the renovation as a nestfull of baby swallows have hatched up in the rafters and are using the beams for flying school. When the swallows returned in April I did tell their mother that, as much as I like her, I would be grateful if she would use one of the barns as a hotel this year; but she disobeyed me and laid a nest full of eggs in the roof rafters! I have tried to photograph them but they are flying round and round so fast in there that you need a crash hat and visor as some of their flight paths are a little dubious to say the least - and getting an action picture of them on the wing is nigh-on impossible! Charles lies inside on his back looking up -  and hoping!

So, with all this going on I had told Tartelette (who had arrived in Paris from Oregon last week)  that I would not be able to catch up with her before she makes her way to Provence - but I wished her good truffling. She has phoned me thats a lie, five times daily  - and has kept me updated with her finds and her location.

Then, I had THE phone call. A call from a dealer who had emptied an old house and had kept the textiles for me to see. Now this is a man I never ignore. The last time he called I had the most divine haul of period pieces from him which I still dream of to this day!  He is a good four or five hours away so we decided to surprise Tartelette en route. Arriving late we knocked on her hotel door, Mark was ready with the camera to capture the moment. It's a wonder you couldn`t hear her screaming!! And of course she cried!!

Opposite the hotel was a small bar that was having an open air barbeque with live music so a little dancing was in order ....and after a few glasses of Bordeaux.... you didn`t know I could dance that fast, did you?

I recently found a stunning batch of early faceted crystal candle bulb covers that look like tiny chandeliers so I had to give Madame a couple towards her truffling fund. The next morning she walked into the busy hotel breakfast room wearing one on her head as a crown!! Its okay; I never have to go to that hotel again!!!

So, the drive to the man who had kept the textiles for me was as good as I expected and the car was crammed with hoards of stunning 19th century treasures. Lots of faded roses curtains, morceaux of silks and linens, ribbons, hats with corsages, lace, tassles and much more...........

But then, on my return home, photobucket kicked off - and the bulk uploader for my photographs will not work. Apparently I am not the only one with this problem.  2 emails to their support team and 2 very slow replies later and I am still stranded. Perhaps Auctiva is looking inviting?
So................all at a standstill until tomorrow at least!!
Have a wonderful weekend mes belles!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. Shirley - you have the lifestyle to which I aspire.
    How lovely for you to suprise Tartelette and didnt your chap come up trumps?!
    Tres bon.
    T x

  2. You were not dancing Salsa & Charleston again were you?!
    I passed on your details to the Queen and she told me that she was a keen ebayer and would look out for your treasures... her ebay name is "LizandPhil". xxx

  3. You lucky dab - what a great haul! Great to meet up with old mates isn't it - looks like you had a great time.

  4. Bonjour SHirley,
    So glad you were able to connect with Tartelette! I was lucky enough to meet up with her in Paris, she is such a lovely lady.
    You hit a payload with all these treasures.