mardi 9 août 2011

A bad case of brocantitis!

I have quite a bad case of "brocantitis" at the moment -probably caused by the lack of truffling whilst I was trapped in the hospital.  There is of course only one cure.........a lazy wander around my local brocante!!
Could I find a spot for these wonderful ridge tiles on the chateau roof? No? - well what about these delicious terracotta tomettes floor tiles? No..... there are simply not enough.
Non, madame!.....stop it! Stop taking things home before you know you definitely need them!!!

But just look at the wonderful array of treasures around the corner..............
Just look at that tandem pour deux!

But then hiding away..............a huge old butchers block under a whole array of other items..............

A magnificent shabby chic treasure at least 8 feet long, its feet worn down from the scrubbed floor in the boucherie having been washed down every day...........

All of the old blocks need to be much work .....but I couldn`t walk away..............
 I have absolutely nowhere to put it but in my mind I can see it restored. Full of charm and a real special piece for any cuisine. I forced myself to walk away and didn't look back because a look back would have been it.....I`d have bought it.  But I realised that I would have been on a loser even if I had wanted it because I wouldn't have been able to get it through our cuisine door!

I tried to console myself with some old apple crates......
So.....  back at the chateau empty-handed. I am not sure if my brocantitis has been cured or if it has taken a turn for the worst!!!! Perhaps there is no hope for me at all!!!

A la prochaine mes belles.

4 commentaires:

  1. There is no cure! How much was that butchers block out of interest? I would have been so tempted.

  2. I am going to need to have you find more of the hexagon tiles as I cannot possibly step into the grand salon without them.But I will if I am forced,but I wont like it.o.k I will like it but get the dang tiles as they are fabu.

  3. Can just see you and Mark riding through the village on the tandem - hair blowing in the wind, Mark pedaling like mad while you sit at the back with your binoculars looking for treasures!!! Please buy it!xx