lundi 1 août 2011

WHERE ARE YOU, MOM? said you would only be away for about 2 days...and here we are nearly a week later, and still no sign. I watch the gates every day waiting and hoping that you'll be in the car with Dad when he comes homes each night. Charlie and I are really looking forward to you coming home  - and we promise not to jump up on you until you are really well. Love Digger. 

7 commentaires:

  1. Yes, where are you Shirl? Sorry to read about the gall bladder op, but was hoping all is now well and you are making a speedy recovery. But do take care and get lots of rest as I know it can really leave you feeling very tired.
    With best wishes Cx

  2. sure he misses you mum.... x x x x love you froufrou

  3. Hope you are on the road to recovery and see you back soon.
    Jo xx

  4. Oh, poor boy, they do pine when you are not around - get well soon Shirley!

  5. I am about ready to cry for Shirleys boy Digger.He sleeps with her and lays on her neck when she is up.He is not much fun to skype with but does a good job of loving his mama.I talked to her today digs and she is on the way soon I promise.Chin up my friend. xxxooo amy

  6. Get well soon and blessings your way~Cheers Kim

  7. Oh dear that's brought a tear to my eye!
    Come on Shirley you need to get back to that boy, vite!
    T x