mercredi 9 novembre 2011

Dearest Tartelette..................

Dearest Tartelette..............

MademoiselleTartface way over there in Oregon..your current silence is ominous!!

Usually you Skype me in the middle of the night or call me at 4am to tell me that you are my muse - and that you are sure that I cannot live without your imput into my shabby chic emporium. are so quiet that I am worried!!!   I'm just thinking what could have happened. Tartelette and Antoinette sound quite similar, don't they? Perhaps you have finally become Tartelette Antoinette?

Has Jeff whisked you away in a horse-drawn carriage for a week of unbridled passions?................or

...are you in the middle of a week-long Laduree macaroon binge?..................or perhaps.... have already overdosed on macaroons and  taken to your silk brocade bed?

Has your new crown detached itself from your tooth and you are in hiding?

Have you been lured to the woods by some scoundrel who promised to escort you to an early morning brocante?

Have you developed some kind of gambling addiction and you are in Las Vegas frittering away your brocante money?..or

..are you still decorating that Salle de Bains with the toile you cheekily spirited away from the chateau?

Have you taken up jogging?

Or are you simply having a bad hair day?

Tartelette.....................ou est tu?

9 commentaires:

  1. Oh my goodness Shirley, this sounds like a case for Inspector Poirot! Maybe Tartelette is in the air at this very moment, and on her way to visit you? Would you like me to join you and we can form a search party? I shall be ready and waiting with my passport! xxxx

  2. Dear Shirley,

    I too say we meet for sure meet up for a search party on our horse and carriages to go spy on Our Queen Tartlette Antoinette:) I always wonder where those pretty wings take her. It will be no suprise if we find her just being home and loving all those chickadees and her King Jeff.

    Great post Shirley!!


  3. I think we`ll all meet at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. We will fly to Oregon, parachute into the grounds of her house and start the search from there. Abby you can crawl along the grass on your stomach in a balaclava, Janet you need to climb a tree and look through the windows and I`ll start digging a tunnel!!!

  4. Ok just tell me when I'll bring my opera glasses! I am getting a bit nervous now, I haven't heard from her either:(

  5. msn the opera glasses....are you able to scale the side of a building on a rope?

  6. sorry that should man the opera glasses!!

  7. If only some of this were true.Your muse has been taken over by children .I may never be the same.I loooooooooove you and want to come see the new office.(really I just want to take all the stock:) I think Charlotte will be moving in if you keep sending her sweets and treats from all over.Then I will be down to five kids.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  8. Right..there you are! Okay everyone no need to raise the randsome fee ( we had raised 4 euros so far) . She has not been kidnapped and is still alive. Thankyou for all the bids for the contents of Tartelette`s house that I had put up for auction....sadly we will now have to cancel that sale!!!