jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Sealed with a miss

You know my new regime every morning? Out of bed, a quick coffee then into the car and drive to the beach to walk Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw who is on a diet ( he`s not fat just portly!)

This morning we awoke to thick dense fog but I will not be deterred by a bit of Normandie weather so off we went. 

That actually sounded quite convincing didn`t it? But I confess its the thought of the thick dense hot chocolat in the cafe afterwards that calls me - and I don`t feel quite so debauched drinking it if I have marched along the beach first.

Soooooo......amazingly when we arrived at the beach it was glorious sunshine, the sea was so still and calm that you could have heard a fish fart and it was totally glorious ......the sea that is ....not the fish fart!.

People have told me that there is a friendly seal on this particular beach and I am so desperate to see him. I search every day but nothing so far. I am getting so desperate that this morning Mark offered to don a rubber balaclava and swim out there to bob about in the water just to please me. Now thats what I call "amour" but he would be the only seal that I have ever seen sporting a moustache and wearing spectacles!

I strain my eyes so hard to see one each morning that I could become a contestant on that Noel Edmonds Tv programme " Seal or no seal" thanks Mr Banker, its a wonderful offer but NO SEAL! for that gloopy thick hot chocolat in the cafe . Today there was a major queue in there as it is market day and I did consider bursting to the front of the counter to demand my drink shouting that I am chocolat dependant hypoglycemic - and that I would lapse into a stupified state unless I was served first. But, it was not worth the risk. Market day brings out all the old Normandie farmers` wives in their wrap round aprons, wellies and cardigans. They are usually all casually toting baskets of vegetables so huge that even a small donkey would struggle and collape with the weight,  so I didn`t want to risk being battered with a turnip and waited my turn.

Then that was when tragedy struck. After a 20 minute wait I sipped the chocolat to find, NO! NO! NO! it was watery, milky and sickly and not the wonderful dark gloop that I love. I asked the owner who told me that the chocolate whisking machine had broken down so they were having to offer a subsitute until it is mended. Substitute? Subsitute? I think NOT monsieur.....there is NO subsitute for Van Houten!!!

So, today I missed my hot chocolate......sniff! I need to get out more.....................then perhaps not!

A demain mes belles............

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  1. Dearest Shirley!

    I come by way of Diane, from YONKS. She is a splendid blogger friend of mine and yesterday when I saw your shop featured on her blog, I SWOONED! I am a French teacher and love all things French. I am contacting you to ask you if I would be allowed to provide a link to your shop along with an enticing photo of some of your wares. I am composing my next blog post for holiday shopping on-line, and I want to feature my Etsy shop along with other on-line sellers to encourage people to BUY FROM FRIENDS and ON-LINE merchants!

    Please let me know if that is OK!

    YOU HAVE A VERY DARLING DOG!! He is portly, indeed!!! teeheee


  2. Hello Digby - it's Freya - Do you fancy company on your walk along the beach? I love any beach and I know mum like gloopy hot chocloate as well!!!!

  3. Hello Freya
    Yes please because if Diggers gets tired he can rode on you back..............and possibly me too!!!
    Hot choc at the biscuit factory afterwards!!


  4. Hi Anita
    Lovely to meet you. It would be wonderful to be featured- thank you SO much!!

  5. Hello, I just have fallen under your spell, your blog is delightful, I love your way with words, and the story telling of your life. I am glad you are well, Merry Christmas!

  6. I am not going to say what everyone else has already said, but I do want to comment on your knowledge of the topic.
    You are truly well-informed. I can’t believe how much of this I just wasn’t aware of.