vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Dreaming of Blanchlands..................

This divine crumbling old chateau called "Blanchlands" has been on the market for sale for as long as we have been here........

It is huge......absolutely huge. It has immense grounds, its own chapel and magistrate's court , farm buildings, stables, servants' cottages, land as far as the eye can see - and the list goes on!

I know that it has the most amazing high-ceilinged salons and divine cherub-bedecked fireplaces. You may recall that I used one of the pictures for my blog header some time ago

It would cost a fortune to restore and then another fortune to maintain but, at dusk, I just want to sit at a candle-lit table by the lake in front of the chateau and watch the sun go down.

It even has a beautiful little shrine in the woods at the side of the road - silent except for the sound of the birds and the wind through the leaves.

The trees have little bird-house shrines filled with gorgeous plaster figures and rosaries............

...with old stone steps up to the shrine itself.

There is a bronze cherub at her feet almost worth being struck by lightening for if you tucked it in your pocket!!

I haven`t been inside the chateau;  just walked around the garden of prayer. I see there is yet another new estate agents sign pinned on the woodlands today............would I dare to ask for a viewing? What do you think? The last rumour I heard of the asking price - a cool 4 million euros!

Mark recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I told him.................... Blanchlands.    He was not impressed!

I can dream can`t I?

Bonne weekend mes belles


6 commentaires:

  1. Wow its gorgeous,what a beautiful place,if our numbers pop up on the lottery i will send you a divine old pink suitcase full of cash and you can go live happily ever after and blog all about it!

  2. Thank you....I shall hold you to that although I must admit I am quite excited at the thought of a vintage pink suitcase!!

  3. Its got to be worth a viewing just for the sheer pleasure of is your chance to become an urban explorer....
    Hugs Lynn xx

  4. Hi Lynn
    I might just do it!! But then I might really really want it!!

  5. Dear Shirley,
    Sheila and I are already having "NO FLEA MARKET UNTIL APRIL" withdrawals! How will we last until then?! Coming to France and being your guests at Blanchlands would help immensely. We will be polite and wait until after the holidays, when Mark has brought you blindfolded(of course) up to the front (suitably ribbon-wrapped door) and handed you the key! Would it be presumptuous of us to ask for our own wing when we visited?!
    Peace & Plenty,

  6. Hi Sher
    Most definately you can have your own wing..the one with the cherub bedecked fireplace!! We`ll make sure there is a roaring log fire and a flea market everyday with hundreds of stands with free treasures and no other buyers!!!
    Lots of love from the ( tiny!) chateau