jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Trapped in a vicious circle................

The weather here is pretty bizarre at the moment and the flowers that have usually been long gone by November are still blooming in our garden!

So, when our veterinaire said that Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw is a little too portly for his own good it has been very easy to walk him each morning on the local beach. As usual not a soul in sight!!

Out of desperation to find any morceaux of food available Diggers does try to see if any beach huts have visitors cooking breakfast and I have had to extract him from someones doorway more than once this week!
My favourite is the tiny one in the middle!

Isn`t it amazing what a Jack Russell can do?

We have a good brisk walk........................
 and then poor Digs has to stay in the car whilst we finish off with a gloopy chocolat chaud from the local cafe..............

Of course this chocolat means we will have to walk off the extra calories again tomorrow so I am trapped in a vicious circle of walking and hot chocolat!

Inside me, There's a thin woman trying to get out........but I can usually shut the old sow up with chocolate."

A demain mes belles.................

9 commentaires:

  1. Digger looks like a mini Spotty... a rotund body on little legs!
    I always think you should reward yourself with chocolate after making any sort of effort!
    Love your 'old sow' comment :) xxx

  2. I'm laughing so hard...very funny. Thanks for the good is good!

  3. Hi Abby
    They are just " big boned" or its genes...............honest!!

  4. I'm not fat either, just big boned!

  5. That thin chocolate loving old sow is not unknown to me! Your 'soapbox' post also made me laugh so much. Thank you, I really needed it.

    And thank you and Mark so much for your very sweet message re my mother. Very much appreciated. Cx

  6. Hi C,
    Glad things are looking up. Let us know when you are coming over

  7. Di,
    I need the fat in case I get sick and lose weight.

  8. Hello, I love your blog and read it all the time, but I can't find an email link to contact you. Also, via the Brocante page, there is no link in the contact form to "send". My purpose in this comments is to ask ... PLEASE HOW DO I TURN THE MUSIC OFF!! I so love reading your blog, but not with music. Regards, Jules :-)

  9. Hi Jules
    You will have to shut off your speakers temporarily!! Sorry!