jeudi 22 mars 2012

Amazing old chateau heirlooms with a tinge of sadness...........

A stunning array of treasures all started to be sold by auction in Paris today. All from the beautiful Chateau de Bigoine .

Stunning is not the right word...breathtaking......heart stopping.....beguiling......

Have a leaf through the sales catalogue here..................( give it a little time for each page to load)

136 pages of heaven! 

I didn`t attend, I couldn`t bear the disappointment of not being able to win anything and also the sadness of seeing all those wonderful items scattered around the globe as the international bids flew in by telephone and over the internet.

What would you have liked to take away with you?

9 commentaires:

  1. could i have the oil painting of the donkey please...i'd give him a good home....truly stunning and like you say a little sad..x

  2. Speechless.....and heartbreaking.......I would love any one of those yummy chairs, even the lowliest would bring me joy....just to sit & drink my Starbucks & daydream of France......

  3. Oh it is so sad Why would they sell everything and not with the Chateau? I guess maybe like an Estate Sale her in the US.I sure would have loved a few of the items myself.Simply Breathtaking~Cheers Kim

  4. Be still my heart Copper Pans and Bowls and the Silver is to die for.Thanks for sharing it was nice to see it all even though I can't touch any of it.I like it, I love it and I want so more of it!~Chow Kim

  5. I want that lit Polonaise............wonder if its too late!!!

  6. Absolutely stunning! What I wouldn't give to be a billionaire and buy the château complete with contents, and then just move in...well, I can dream. Have a super weekend.
    Jo xx

  7. You've become my favorite blog, shhhh...don't tell the rest of them.

    Oh, I would have loved a set of those low sitting cane chairs, any of the chambre chairs, to be honest.

    Oooh, that was a wonderful tour. :o

  8. I would love the two pictures of the 'enfants' in the Salle de Ban. Just about my level of cost! Ann x

  9. Dear Shirley,
    Just flipping those pages were heaven enough! Thank you for my fix:)) Gosh! That musique sconce!!!