vendredi 16 mars 2012

Moss.....................what moss?!!!

I have spent the last 2 years painting these stone griffins with natural yoghurt and has the green moss arrived? Has it figgy pudding!!!

 What am I doing wrong?

I was watched very closely by the cows that have arrived back on the marsh now that Spring is with us.

I thought that they might be planning to slap a writ on me for mis-use of milk products!

So what is "de rigeur" this year in cow fashions? A middle parting?

                        ...................  or long sweeping lashes and a Marie Antoinette "bouffant coiff" ??

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles!

7 commentaires:

  1. Frustrating, poor lady, and those cows are getting freaked out!! Is it, perhaps, too sunny? Are those stones rolling? Now this is a project I have yet to try, but I do remember researching it years ago, and it seems you have to put a bit of blendered moss into the mix. Try this link: We'll be watching...

  2. That second cow is a cutie! :-)
    Help me!

  3. Dawne is correct, you have to add moss to the mix and they also need to be in the damp shade for it to get started.

  4. Keep us updated on the moss, I've never tried this but wish you luck.

    No, that French pigeon has never called....sigh..MEN.

  5. I think I also read somewhere about a watered down manure wash for the griffins, which ARE spectacular!

    ...And you have the bouffant cows just ready to provide some descent manure, ma Belle! x

  6. perhaps they were offering advice, maybe use produce from the other end?
    T X

  7. Okay..............heading out with a bucket and a peg for my nose as we speak!!