samedi 17 mars 2012

Scented Saturday.................

It was raining, cold, dark and miserable as I walked around the few brave sellers at the brocante early this morning.

There was not much to see but as I peered in the back of one dealers van my heart lifted when I spotted the battered old pages of a scrapbook that must have been the treasured possession of some mademoiselle in the early 1900s.

Charles Beaudelaire said...............................

''My soul travels on the smell of perfume like the souls of other men on music"

Who needs the perfume Monsieur Beaudelaire?

Just look at the delicous perfume and soap labels that are glued to the battered old pages.............they certainly lift my soul on a rainy day!

If I had been that Mademoiselle back then I would have bought every one of these bottles and boxes just for the labels alone!!

5 commentaires:

  1. Sweet find and so wonderful someone took the time to carefully keep these perfume labels.

    Very beautiful.

  2. beautiful, I especially love the sweet peas.
    T x
    ps you were lucky to find a brocante in the rain, my cb wouldn't have been on, I am hoping for fine weather at 5am tomorrow!!
    T x

  3. You found a treasure.

    I love the labels.

    Hope you week is delightful

    Helen xx

  4. Oh Shirley
    I would have bought that book too - what a treasure you discovered!
    Were there any details of the person who made it??
    I love perfume labels too.
    Wishing you an exciting new week finding more treasures!

  5. What lovely, lovely labels, so devine. Julie xxx