lundi 26 mars 2012

Delicieux finds and a grand amour.....

This weekends brocantes were wonderful and I came home laden with treasures.

A beatiful old album or journal that had never been used but was a cherished keepsake packed away in old tissue paper. Each page has a beautiful cherub vignette .....

 Old advertising match strikers that would have sat on the bar of a cafe brasserie...............

Adorable nursery wallpapers from the 1920s...

At the bottom of an old box under someones stand I truffled out a batch of old handwritten letters from the 1940s. I initially bought them because I adore the old sepia ink and the Republique Francais stamps.
When I got home and looked through them each one had a letter still tucked inside...........

I sat enthralled as I read them. All dated in the 1940s and all from Marcel to his petite femme Germaine.....

A touching batch of letters from a couple who were separated perhaps still from the war. All signed with tender kisses and warm embraces. I felt a little guilty entering their private world.

I wonder if they were reunited?

A demain mes belles.

4 commentaires:

  1. I love a bit of voyeurism too, delving into lives past. That's why we do what we do Shirley.

  2. Oh Shirley, I love old letters too, and how they take us into the lives of others.
    Yours are so special, written during the war - what a dreadful time in France, families separated and who knows if they were ever re-united - so sad.
    Have you read Irène Némirovsky's books, I've got them all but I particularly loved "Suite Francais".

  3. Such wonderful finds - but the letters look amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger