samedi 3 mars 2012

Bonjour petite diablo!

Well..... bonjour my 'petites diablos' little devils. Don`t you just adore this old postcard?

The 'little devil' in question was Mademoiselle Germain Lebourg - and the card was sent to her "with tender kisses ....Andre Aubertine". I wonder if she was a little devil or a little angel?

On my last blog Rhonda sent me a message saying that she had indeed been kissed in front of  La Tour Eiffel , but by a pigeon! I need to know. Has he called? Has he written? Has he emailed? No? Typical them and leave them! Oh..... the pain of a holiday romance!

Next............(yes, I know, it's a busy blog so sit up straight and keep up mes belles!) can you help me identify this wonderful fine lace? I have a roll of it from a batch of textiles that date from the late 1800s. It is fine and blonde in colour and quite silky. Does anyone know its name?

I confess that when it comes to lace I am as useless as a useless person in a useless shop buying something useless!

Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw has had his second brush with death in just one week. Today we went to the supermarche and as we got back into the car an old friend walked over to the driver's side window to say hello. Digger, at the same time, had his head out of my window sniffing the breeze. I joined in with the conversation and, without looking, I started to close my window with the automatic button.....but I didn`t think that Digger still had his head poking out. You get the picture by now? Poor Digs with his nose trapped half in and half out with bulging eyes. He didn`t say anything as I released him but just gave me a dirty look. No doubt he is in his ticking lined basket as we speak looking for the phone number for the animal rescue.

If you are listening to the music on the blog there is a very interesting old film to go with it. If you go to the bottom of the page to the music box and press VIDEO you can see it. Heaven knows what`s going on but I assume the man in the tights is Le Diablo!!
A demain mes belles............

4 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Sherrrrleee,
    I believe it is a Raschel lace, divine! Poor Diggers, what's the French version of the RSPCA?

  2. Dear Shirley,
    Our little peke-a-poo, Hawthorne, (yes, named after Nathaniel) learned how to open and close the car window by himself, after I almost strangled him! He would sit up by himself in the passenger seat, and watch the world go by, adjusting the car temperature as he saw fit!
    Peace & Plenty,
    She and Sher

  3. Sir Digbert, my daughter has a rescue farm for abused animals. You will have to live in Canada and there are six children in her house. Please give your present situation some careful thought before deciding to make the move. ~ Maureen

  4. Dear Maureen
    I have discussed the present situation with Sir Digbert and he considers the perks of sleeping under the duvet, having freshly cooked chicken daily and being totally cosseted outweigh the damage caused today!! Apparently he is prepared to give me another chance...............phew!!