samedi 15 septembre 2012

And breathe out ...and slowly deflate................

Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.......phew........... so I have deflated and I am over it. I think it was the lovely comments of support and the absolutely hysterically funny ones which made me laugh till I cried!! 
[I found the last comment (from Sal) particularly interesting; so someone at Ebay does think you can use the words "shabby chic" to describe an item - which is exactly what I've been doing since Paris macaroons were invented!]

Anyway......I awoke from my shabby chic slumber in my shabby chic boudoir this morning and tripped merrily in my shabby chic chemise to my shabby chic salle de bain for a shabby chic tinkle. The shabby chic birds were singing in the shabby chic garden and the shabby chic sun was shining. 

I skipped shabbichiccily over my lawn to hang out some washing to find it teaming with shabby chic bright green frogs for some reason! I had to be really careful where I put my feet! They were all heading back towards the marsh but where had they been? Had there been some kind of shabby chic frog party last night?

There was nothing for to town for a shabby chic cafe and croissant amande and to sit and watch the shabby chic shoppers go by!!

I also bought my favourite magazine..........

No copyright problem on their front page, it seems! Perhaps it's the language change; "my shabby chic" translated into French becomes "mon shabby chic"!

And also,  naughty as it was - a copy of the French gossip magazing showing Katherine`s boobie doos on display to see what the fuss is about back in the UK. 

Honestly, if I had boobie doos like that I would be topless all day long. Everyone would have them shoved in their face from the postman to Monsieur Renauld at the patisserie!!! Mr Renauld starts baking at 3 am every day so if you go in there anytime after 12 noon he is like a walking zombie; he may not even notice my boobie doos on display and might think they were rum babas!

I have decided to give myself a day off from catching up with all those lost listings and will concentrate on trying to find all the treasures I have had hidden over the past three years or so for our new salon. It is the bare bones at the moment but as we have gone from this........

to this.................. will see why I am SO pleased. But where have I packed away all those cushions, urns and frou frou pieces?

Talking of Frou Frou ( as in Miss Frou Frou my daughter) I am a little concerned because she has bought a hen house and an incubator and is talking rare breeds. I will look after her adorable dog "Count Kipper" when she goes overnight brocanting but I draw the line at a host of chickens............especially rare ones who cannot speak French.

And to make this lovely day complete,  Mark recorded the New Zealand-South Africa rugby game purposely so I could get to watch the Haka.  Just love it!!

Off brocanting very early in the morning mes belles.....coming with me?


5 commentaires:

  1. Don't I wish I were brocanting with you...we would laugh and shop the day away!

    This post is hysterical.. you are too clever.

    I too saw Ms. Katherine's woopie di doo in our headlines about her exposed breasts - hello? - she was on vacation. Really? from a mile away, damn, what kind of camera do these guys have?

    Enjoy your brocanting and forget all about the shabby chic drama ebay seems to unfold constantly. Now, if I can trademark phrases and words, I'd like to claim "FRENCH INSPIRED" let's see how that goes over. ha

  2. Thanks for the laugh! You are chic and shabby! Can we say chic shabby? ~ Maureen

  3. Your parlor is wonderful!! Shall we say shabby chic!!! Gotta love those chickens!!

  4. You make me laugh out loud Shirley! Good for the soul :-)

  5. What a salon!! It looks magnificent! Loved this latest blog Shirley - so funny and how about Kate's smudge pies?? I was expecting you to say fried eggs!!