dimanche 2 septembre 2012

Tiny eyes...............

I don`t know what it is with me some days brocanting! Sometimes I will get home to unload my treasures to discover I have had my "green eyes" or my " blue eyes"  on and eveything has the same hue.

 It`s obviously something hiding in my subconsciousness  ( or is that ....unconsciousness at such an early hour?!!)

Back at home after a 5am start this morning, I now realise that today I had on my "tiny eyes" and I must have homed in on the smallest of treasures all morning! 

Petite gilded perfume bottle stoppers.

Tiny monogrammed brooches.

Republique Francaise medallions.

My bags were certainly not heavy to carry this morning and here is my favourite tiny treasure!!

An adorable and minute antique charm that has a tiny thimble, an etui that actually opens and a pair of scissors.

But you do know what this means don`t you? No two weeks are ever the same .Next week I will have my " huge eyes" on and will come home with an armoire strapped to my back......perhaps I should stay "chez nous" next week!!! 

Bonne Dimanche mes belles


2 commentaires:

  1. You certainly find some wonderful things.. Will these appear in your etsy shop??

    1. Hi Shirlee

      They will be on my Ebay site tomorrow. I must admit I have neglected my Etsy site a little with all the renovation work going on!!