lundi 3 septembre 2012

Still beating myself up......................

In July at a huge antiques trade fair I stumbled over ( literally!) a huge Aubusson carpet rolled at the back of a dealers stand. I have not missed this fair for over 15 years, so I know he is not a regular dealer at this brocante and I had never seen him before. 

He told me that he had come to unload old stock to raise some cash for the forthcoming traditional French month long vacance in August.  He wanted to disappear to Cannes and toast himself for 4 weeks. He eagerly began to unroll the carpet for me to see and I was thinking "Ouch! ....this is going to be into the thousands!"

He unrolled and unrolled and it became clear that the Aubusson was at least 30 feet square. It filled his stand and splayed over the next dealers stand too!

 Much too big for me and also much too heavy for even three  or four of us to lift and man handle ( and woman handle!)  to our car. Plus when we got to the car it would never have gone inside!

However, It was very very beautiful, soft muted shades and in good condition. But, I declined without asking the price due to the size. As I walked away he shouted after me " Madam.. 300 euros if you want it". ($380 or 

That should have stopped me in my tracks but....guess what? Like a idiot I declined again and carried on walking!

Four weeks later I am still beating myself up as I realise it would have fit our bedroom almost perfectly ( the room next on the decorating list). What on earth was I thinking?!!! I could have found a way to get it home.

So having this wonderful carpet on my mind day and night, I remembered I did have an old rug that I loved tucked away in the barns. I went to find it knowing that it would have been a good home for a passing mouse or two but was dusty but all intact.

I spent the next hour with the jet wash and shampoo giving it a blast and it is now out drying in the sun.

Not really a consolation for the Aubusson but it will have to do!!!

Any dealer who tells you they never make a mistake is  not being truthful! We all make mistakes and will continue to do so! It`s all part of the learning process!

Another kick to myself...........thud!.....take that you idiot!!!

A demain mes  belles

p.s The "A" word is banned until I have recovered!!

4 commentaires:

  1. I totally sympathise Shirley, yes I have walked away from treasures too only to regret it later! You are right, we all do it.
    Don't beat yourself up over it too much.
    Jo xx

  2. Ps
    Forgot say how beautiful your bedroom carpet is.
    Jo x

  3. Shirleygirl,
    This reminds me of the story of the old trunk under the tree you left at that dreamy brocante on day...I still think of that to this day and always wonder if it may have been the Queen Goyard:)
    Don't worry friend, theres always another beautiful treasure around the corner waiting for you, even if it is our sweet & crazy Tartlette or an owl on a post you nurse back to life~

  4. What a lovely must be able to get so many things so very cheap, how fabulous. Last time I was in France I discovered that you have to hunt them out but there are some fab treasures really very cheap..keep hunting