jeudi 20 septembre 2012

I did tell you not to leave me unsupervised....

I did tell you not to leave me unsupervised as I would start fiddling didn`t I?

The old pig pen attached to the house is fast becoming my new duck egg blue office and stock room so it is time to look in all those boxes I have stashed away forever and a day.

I found some scrumptious little treasures too small to list on Ebay, but, too wonderful not to do anything with so as soon as my eyes met the bon bon jar it was sorted!!

Do you know what it looks like this menopausal old moo is having for Christmas? A hysterectomy....does that make it a Christorectomy? Believe me I would rather paint my derriere purple and stick hatpins in my ears to get out of it. Any excuses I make to the doctor not to lose what my mother called "Phillipine tubes" is falling on deaf ears. Any suggestions of how to escape it would be most welcome!

If am trying to delay it until Christmas as at least there will be no brocantes to miss and I can recover by the log fire reading 17th century bodice rippers set in Venice.

( Like the one I am currently engrossed in - beautiful girl gets put in convent by family who cannot afford a dowry to marry her off - girl is hired out by corrupt nuns to aristocratic men - girl falls pregnant so she is no longer of value- girl rebels- nuns keep her in cold cell in isolation - girl stabs nun with icicle from window - girl is strapped unable to move on a board and carried to Rialto bridge where she assumes she will be thrown to her death - girl faints - wakes naked in a bath tub surrounded by 10 silent men.... .etc etc!)

A demain mes belles

5 commentaires:

  1. what IS that book??? 50 shades of ripped satin damask??.....poor you and the pre-xmas trip to hospital.....

  2. Oh no, poor you, not a Christmas to look forward to :-(

    What is the name of the book you are reading, sounds right up my street?

  3. Oh, you poor thing, keep focused on reading by the fire and having everyone wait on you hand and foot.

    I do like Kay's descriptive title above, LOL.

  4. you could put your "bits" in a bon-bon jar...decorate with lace...just a thought ;)
    ps it'll be fine- 6 weeks of R&R and you'll be soooo much better and wonder why you never had it done before

  5. No....its not 5o shades of damask.....funny thought though!!

    Its called "THE REMEDY" by Michelle Lovric.

    Here`s the link

    I love her books as she is Venice born and all the period detailing is absolutely accurate.
    You know if I am not planning to go to Venice, I am wanting to go to Venice or reading about it!!