jeudi 27 septembre 2012

You`ll have to carry on without me.............

Mes belles,

We left at 4am yesterday morning for a huge brocante......................and got back at 11pm last night in a crumpled heap!! 

But, the car is packed to exploding with the most divine treasures. It was just " one of those good ones" where I fell over treasures all day.

At the end of the day as we were carrying the last few bags of textiles back to the car we stopped for a last truffle at someones stand.

 We put our bags on the floor and the tiniest Chinese man you have ever seen dived in them and started sorting through what we had bought! He didn`t speak any French or English and we have no Chinese so we couldn`t communicate as he started pulling things out and making a pile by his feet. 

As he was so small I did consider lifting him into the bag and zipping him inside. He was wearing the thickest spectacles you have ever seen - almost like the bottoms of coca cola bottles - so I could have just breathed on them and run! 

Much to everyone`s amusement we managed eventually to gesticulate that they were "our" purchases and were not part of the stand holder`s stock.

What is the Chinese for " Go truffle your own treasures Shorty!!"  ?

I have two pairs of divine large toile curtains still on the old rails with all the fittings, endless textiles, trims, silk door curtains, a large tapestry,frothy old parchment books, textile roses morceaux, and fripperies to die for. Including the silk bag with the reliquary locket above.

You will have to carry on without me today as I can hardly string a sentence together and normal service will be resumed tomorrow when I shall get the camera out!!

Why does Blogger keep putting up much larger bold text in the middle of a blog for no reason? I am not shouting honestly....i don`t have the energy today!

Yours in a great heap totally useless for the day.....perhaps chocolate will help?


2 commentaires:

  1. And a partridge in a pear tree!
    Sleep well you dirty truffler :-)

  2. I would have sent that pilfering man across the room with one quick swing of the hand...LOL
    Not really but I have been known to knock people over to get to a booth while I'm antiquing....they always get over it.

    I cannot wait to see what you found this time.