dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Mooooooooove me now please!!

Did I awake to the gentle sound of bird song this morning? No! It was frantic mooing!!

The waters of the marsh rose dramatically overnight with all the torrential rain we have been having. I looked out of my window to see the cows looking as shocked as I did!

They are all marooned on one island of grass now. If it gets any higher they will be in my garden ( again!!). I am hoping this afternoon will bring a convoy of cattle lorries to take them to higher ground.

Otherwise I am going to have to put them all in the attic until the water subsides!

A la prochaine mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. Cows in your attic along with the linens! That would be something to see. ~ Maureen

  2. Now that's a sight, indeed. Let's pray the rain ended by now.

  3. Rhonda.........Still lashing and its getting up to the gate me!!