mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Truffling in the brouillard...............

We got into the car at the crack of dawn, locked the gates and set off for the brocante.

We had travelled less than 100 yards when we hit the "brouillard" .... very, very thick fog which then stayed with us for most of the journey. Mark had to concentrate really hard throughout the two and a half hour journey to see the road. How I managed to snore most of the way there fast asleep I will never know. I really must ask him to concentrate quieter next time!!

The brocante, as always, was  fast and furious with what seemed like many more buyers than usual. The morning turned out to be the usual 'dash'  around the ground followed by the inevitable  "bun fight" for stock - but I was really pleased with the treasures I found and managed to come away with. 

Here are just a few.

A stunning hand painted silk portiere from the 1800s.

A 'delicieux' old gesso frame and wonderful 'couronnes'

Not just one tiny crown but two and.......

..........and a chatelaine embellished with a stork and butterflies.

And then, after a break for coffee, a magnificent 'ciel de lit' bed canopy........

...and, from an old, closed down Paris bijoutier jewellers shop, I found an array of jewellery stands.

and a box brimming with gorgeous tiny silver entwined monogram initials.

A sweet children's alphabet and numbers set....

and some tiny porcelain feves of 'Marie Antoinette' style shoes.

This is  just a glimpse of the hoard but my most favourite find must be this old box with a sepia script label stuck on it, to find inside......

.... tiny hand-made doves and flowers for cake decorations.

Quite simply a 'perfect day'.

A la prochaines mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. Love it all Shirl, well done, it certainly was worth the drive! I particularly like the leather jewel box and the crowns. Will you be listing them on eBay soon?
    I had a good haul at the auction Sunday, all very Victorian. Ain't it fun :-)
    Hope you are both keeping well, warm and dry.

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Sweet potatoes those are the most fabulous FINDS EVER!!! What a great haul...glad you arrived there safe, though. I cannot and will not drive in fog...I'm such a chicken.

  3. hi :)
    i've been a fan of your collections over the last 2 yrs or so, after stumbling onto your ebay page....i'd fallen in love with a pair of vintage curtains at the time and desperately wanted it but lost out during the bidding race :( ...i kept you under my fav seller's list and been stalking the site on and off since then hoping i'd find something similar again!! its only today after a gap of several months that i checked ebay again and found you had a blog!..and am so glad! love browsing through all those yum scrum vintage stuff...even though i know i'll never probably own any of it...all the browsing just makes me more attuned to what really turns me on..and that in itself makes me happy :). i used to live in the UK but i've relocated to India now... Do you ever ship to India? I am still hunting for a few vintage things and I am in no hurry.. I know what I want and I'll keep looking out till I find the right stuff. I remember how much I enjoyed myself during one of our trips to france visiting a flea market,browsing through all sorts of gorgeous vintage stuff and i couldn't have enough!You are so lucky to be able to do that regularly!!!! sigh!(am so green!) have fun... i'll keep visiting your pages in the meantime! :)