jeudi 12 août 2010


I am spending the day photographing and listing my latest finds. The sun is glorious and if only I could see my pc screen outdoors I would be basking in it now!
Charles le Baron du Breuil is supervising although he is slightly disgusted that I should have a sign with the word "chien" on it! You really would never know there is no paw on that back leg as he is as agile as the four paw variety and had to be rescued from a tree earlier today!!

Mark is knocking down a wall in the barn and peace reigns! Well almost except for the crashing of falling stones! Are you sure this is going to be my hallway and salon?

I have discovered that the best way to get my listings done is to have `youtube` playing music on my laptop whilst I get on with it. I do tend to add the odd word of a song in with my descriptions though, so if they are a little bizarre now you know why!

Earlier today I went to the village pharmacie and saw their latest items on display. Cellulite shoes! Okay, so we all have it, all of us, and if you haven`t then get off my blog immediately I don`t want to talk to you. Go away and come back when you have eaten copious amounts of chocolate and have legs like a toasted crumpet!

But I have a new theory......lots of super models who don`t have cellulite obviously cannot grow it. I intend to start a cellulite farm to supply those poor girls in need. Admittedly I am little overstocked at the moment but I am sure the orders will come in soon. If I was the pharmacist I`d have called them Crumpet shoes! ( or is that les chaussures de crumpettes?!).
 I am the only woman who can go to the local swimming pool ( that by the way is called Aqua Dick....stop it ...don`t) and I can leave the changing room and be in the water before anyone has seen my thighs. Have you ever seen a heat seeking missile in a swimming costume?
Anyway.....................I love crumpets.

There is a 550 stand brocante at La Chapelle Ure this Sunday.......shall I?....I think so, its a huge one in a field, its going to be scorching hot and perhaps I`ll walk off a little of my crumpets.
a la prochaine.....................

4 commentaires:

  1. ok that was hilarious!

    And of course you should go, for those of us who can't you should go and take plenty of pictures.

    Merci, au revoir

  2. I am also well overstocked on cellulite, so if you need any more to start your farm - I will gladly send a few buckets full! Great post! SueXXX

  3. Just eaten some biscuits...............that should give me another half a ton! Might ring Naomi she`d like some!

  4. ha ha- you make me laugh! have a lovely week, Colette x