lundi 30 août 2010

Poor Charles le Baron du Breuil....................

My day has been over taken by Charles who has ended up at the vets yet again.  He is not even one year old and he has already been through so much. When he had to have his paw amputated the vet told me he would take the whole leg from the hip. But when we collected him he had only taken the paw itself leaving the leg long.............

Although the paw is gone he manages very very well and is so agile. But as the leg is long he has tended to lean over and put it to the ground for balance which means that frequently it is raw on the end. When he remembers he withdraws it like a telescope but sometimes in play or climbing he forgets and knocks and scrapes it.
Over the last few days I have noticed he is getting quite sore again and then all through the night and this morning he was scowling in pain everytime he sat down or rolled over. It is terrible to see him in distress and I assumed it had finally become infected.
So it was off to the vets pronto and I was fully expecting that they would decide to operate again and remove the rest of the leg.
But no, they say that there is no infection as it is not swollen and (after a major scuffle in which Mark got most of the claw marks!) they have given him a pain killing injection and have sent us away with pain killing tablets for him. If there is no improvement we have to go back on Thursday and they will operate to see what is going on in there.
As soon as we got home he ate some fresh fish and went off into the garden. He has just arrived at the cuisine door with a mouse he has caught and is looking quite lively. He always comes in at night to sleep so I will be able to see better what is going on with him later.
I will keep you posted................

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  1. Oh poor Charles. But cats ( with their nine lives) are so resourceful and maybe he was bringing you the mouse as thank you? BTW we were over at our Normandy ruin a couple of weeks ago and went brocanting like mad but sadly missed seeing you at any. Guess you had other secret venues to visit!

  2. Sorry we missed you both. You must come over for coffee next time xx

  3. He's lucky that he has got kind and caring parents, the poor little lad, but cats are nothing but resourceful as his mouse pressie for you shows. Way to go Charles :)Fingers crossed he is on the mend

  4. Hello, Oh my I know the emotions..just got our darling 6month old afghan hound back from having plates put in his leg to join the fractures he got from an injury.. it is impossible to follow the vet's instructions..."keep him still for at least 6 weeks and monitor for 3 months"!!so I wish you good least your dear Charles is much easier to carry around than our wishes Colette

  5. I can't believe it! You are the ebay seller whose writing I've enjoyed over the years :)
    I always wanted you to write a blog! Now I've got some catching up to do :)
    Oh...and I do love kitties and hope yours makes a nice recovery of some sort :(