dimanche 8 août 2010

Red feet and raindrops....................

What a weekend! So many street brocantes - so little time!! Starting at 5am yesterday morning we trawled two large brocantes in the fine drizzling rain. My new red loafers got totally soaked and dyed my feet bright red! 
 When we got home absolutely shattered we realised there was another advertised as a "Nocturnal brocante" starting at 4pm and finishing at midnight. So we unloaded our finds and set off again. Excuse me.....what is nocturnal about 4pm?

 We arrived at 3pm so we would be early and found it in full flow and it apparently had been going strong since noon!! But, we did find a few extra treasures to top up the Samedi hoard!

Today we set off at dawn again for two large brocantes quite close to each other and now I cannot type any more as my leg bones have fallen out ! I have lost the will to live but......................the table is piled high with gorgeous shabby treasures to list this week.
 I am going to put my bright red feet up and relax!

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