samedi 28 août 2010

Sometimes you just have to hoard a little.................

This is the boulangerie clock I found a couple of weeks ago that I just cannot bear to sell. Deliciously timeworn as it had sat in the same old shop for many many years. It only has one hand but the look is divine and absolutely unique. It has ticked away from the minute I hung it on the old shutters in the cuisine. I will find another hand  and a key!!
This is another divine little treasure that I have to add to my collection. Last week at the brocante, a house clearer that I know well told me he had something for me that was beautiful but broken. I went with him to his van expecting something "shot to pieces" - but out of the newspaper came this 19th century candle lamp. The glass is broken but who cares?!!!

I think perhaps someone put a candle too high against the glass and caused it to crack. But like may of the treasures I have truffled out over the years it is timeworn and well loved. I think many a brocanteuse like me must have a home filled with cracked, chipped and damaged pieces that they all love too.
I will let you know what I find early tomorrow. There is a 300 stand local vide grenier and I just hope the rain holds off.
A la prochaine mes belles.........................

3 commentaires:

  1. Well now I see that I simply can not blame you for hoarding ! The clock is even better than I imagined in all of my sleepless nights. I picture the baker coming in early every morning and the clock being the first thing to greet him. Hummmm..does it send off a faint scent of butter with every tick-tock I wonder?

  2. Me too, don't blame you for hoarding. you are allowed to! .....and the candle lamp is also very your blog, happy hunting! Colette - Afrique du Sud

  3. I am amazed it is still ticking! It`s been ticking away since I hung it up well over 2 weeks ago! Also that one finger does keep good time!!!! No smell of fresh bread though.....unfortunately