samedi 26 mars 2011

Chaos at the chateau!

I know I have been somewhat  AWOL-  but the family has arrived............................ 2 tiny babies just 3 months age difference apart, sons, daughters, daughters in law, sons in law, suitcases, prams , steralisers, cots, moses baskets, baby walkers, playmats,changing mats, nappies and enough baby equipment to fill a store.

If you are not in the salle de bain by 5.30 a.m. forget have missed your slot until 10am!  There always seems to be someone or a baby in the bath!!

 I am catering to feed the lot big time........Nigella who? Madame Besnier at the patisserie gave me an "ooooh la la Madame" when she had to wrap an extra big box of confections. 

But wonderful, wonderful weather has also arrived and today we all sat out at a huge table Al Fresco in the garden for lunch. The storks have arrived on the marsh,  the first swallows are diving into the barns- and we know that Winter is certainly behind us as the cows are being returned to the lush marsh grass.

The French lullaby with this blog is a cute little seven year old French girl...if you go to the bottom of this page and click the link you will see her singing. I am considering shipping her in at bedtime to sing the babies to sleep.

Normal service will be resumed early next week - provided the return ferries to the UK are working!!!

5 commentaires:

  1. The picture on your post is priceless!
    Despite the chaos, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Just remember..
    Keep Calm and Carry on.. Drinking!
    Abby x

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh drink! That`s the answer!!!

  3. Have a lovely weekend with everyone? I wonder in all of the chaos were your ears burning yesterday? I spied the beautiful little hamper that was swathed in toile, in Totnes! Oh what a beauty, Jo was using it as a prop for her stall. We talked about you and now she can't wait to meet you at Pamphill, I only said nice things!!
    T x
    p.s cake is the answer!

  4. THe happy chaos of having your family there--isn't it wonderful!????? When they leave your house will be plenty quiet--so, enjoy!

    BTW, that 7-yr. old has the voice of une ange!

  5. How wonderful that you have all our family with you, I am very envious. and sending me that adorable little angel singing her heart out is a bonus thank you xxx