dimanche 13 mars 2011

The old boulangerie

When our little dolls house chateau was a much larger concern in the early 1800s there were lots of workers cottages in our hamlet of Le Breuil. Now all that remains is Le petit chateau and a farmyard and the tumble down cottages we are restoring. 
But tucked away just a step away from our garden is an old tumble down boulangerie that would have supplied the workers with their bread.
I am not even sure who it belongs to now as it sits alone at the edge of the marsh................
It is not safe to go inside but if you peer inside you can still see the gorgeous old bread oven that would have been fuelled with wood

Wouldn`t that old oven make a wonderful feature in my cuisine?

I was a little frantic as when I went over there to photograph Charles le baron du Breuil disappeared inside the oven, curled up and went to sleep!!

Miss Frou Frou has opened a petit magasin on Etsy under the name Passionatelyparis ( someone had already registered parisfroufrou!!) and here is the link courtesy of mother`s free advertising service!!!

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  1. Thanks for the advertising mom, you are the best, love you xx

  2. The things we do for them, I drove for 2 hours today to take Tom out for lunch, and then came back again....he is my only angel!!!!
    With regards to the tumblydown, is it too far cgone for you to convert? What a lovely little romantic retreat?!
    T x

  3. you are my mother.....its law you must do these things for ever x x x

  4. How come this was kept from me?I would bake the bread with Charles in the oven for that rich smoky flavor braaaaaaahaaaaaaaa.xoxo Gladys