mercredi 2 mars 2011

Making a spectacle of myself..............

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....there you are! Now I can see you all. And my, you all look so beautiful. Have you done something different with your hair?  Well, I can say this because I went AWOL back to the UK at the weekend to sort out getting some long-awaited lunettes, glasses, spectacles ............ call them what you will.

I suppose I have done well getting to my age and managing without them, but I knew it was time to actually do something when I could no longer read the telephone directory without holding it at arms length! Anything far away and I can see the label on a gnat's sweater but close way!

To read a book I almost had to put in on the mantle piece and go and sit down across the room to read it! Anything close-up just wasn`t happening! So much so that, if you had run up and punched me on the nose, I would have had no idea who you were and would have to try and guess your identity from the back of your head as you ran away!

Before the opticians visit I went shopping with gorgeous daughter Kate in Salisbury. I rarely get cheques from my Ebay sales these days but, as I had one, I went along to the bank to pay it in. It`s been a long time since I was in a UK bank and there was no cashier, just a machine to accept cheques paid in. I followed the instructions on the screen and when it said  put the cheque in the slot I tried to do just that -but it didn`t want to go in. After much shoving and finally using my key to force it in off it went out of view but the screen remained frozen. I called to Kate for assistance but she was mortified to see that I had forced my cheque into the receipt slot and not the 'cheques in' slot and, as a result, had blocked the machine! Sometime later when the manager had opened the maching and unblocked it my cheque was returned to me. I definately needed those lunettes!

That night I stayed at Kate`s and, whilst I was in the bathroom, she nipped into my room and placed a ribbon-tied chocolate on my pillow as a gift. I entered the room, switched off the lights and got straight  into bed. At about 4am I awoke plastered in melted chocolate and rushed for the light to see what on earth was going on!  And when I looked at myself in the comment!!.

Kate has just returned from a trip to the Paris flea markets - and what a good trip it was. Her car was laden with some divine old textiles and shabby treasures. She found the most amazing rare old wallpapers and I pulled a strop until she gave in and cut me a document piece from the bottom of each roll. She also has a delicious quilt and some wonderful old perfume bottles in their original cases.....she`s getting too good at this malarky!!!

Kate has changed her Ebay name to parisfroufrou and she has a gorgeous new girly template to match her new addiction to visiting the Paris fleas markets. Do take a look at her finds when you get a moment.....after me....get in the queue...stop pushing!!

And I must get back to work too after my brief escape to UK.................still wading through the attic clearance and I`ll be back in those boxes tomorrow. I did have a quick nip in the boxes today and found these wonderful old fancy dress noses! Amazing....simply amazing!!

A demain mes belles!

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  1. Your blog always makes me laugh. My husband is an Optician and when he tested my eyes he said "you have age related changes".... that was a nice way of saying "you are old now and need specs!" I love the pince-nez, but the fancy dress noses with specs are wonderful, I will watch out for them on ebay... I would make my husband wear one for work!. Off to check out Kate's finds (after yours of course!) Abby x

  2. I loved reading this and I can quite well as I, too, have new glasses. But I didn't realise I had quite so many wrinkles and when I look down my thighs are magnified!

  3. I don't know why my comment was left as Anonymous, I obviously could not see what I was doing... maybe I need a new Optician!

  4. So funny, love it ...cute I just found your blog..

  5. Hello another daughter up and running ,makes three with my friend Sandra's.
    Like the idea of Paris , clever girl Porte de Vanves used to be my favouritexxLinda