lundi 28 mars 2011

La Ruche

Yesterday morning at dawn we left everyone sleeping and crept out as quietly as possible to a local brocante. As the early morning mist was just starting to lift this was the first thing I saw being lifted from a farm trailer...............
.............a divine old beehive called a "ruche" in French. Crumbling old pale green paint and a quaint zinc roof......................
...there was no way I was leaving without it!!!

Too big and heavy to post from France but I am taking it to Vintage at the village hall ( see link top right) in May.

Unless of course the bees move in first!!!
The family leave on the evening ferry........heavens it will be so quiet at the chateau!
A demain mes belles!

5 commentaires:

  1. Wow!!
    I hope that you had a lovely time en famille!
    T x

  2. Everyone has just left. There is not a dry towel in the house and its looks as if a train has run through the place! We managed to have lunch in the garden while the sun stayed out before the cars were loaded and then unloaded again to rescue Charles who had curled up to sleep stowed away in the warm boot of one of the cars! Feet up tonight and a nice glass od red I think!!!

  3. I read your blog then watched a food program about bee keeping and honey and I got all motivated and suggested to Mike we should become bee keepers and he said........ NON.........I am jealous that you already have the hive.........if I catch a bee or two might we be in business..xx

  4. Morning Shirley! Lovely to see you the other day (was it Tuesday?) cannot be sure as the last few days have been manic! Our feet have not touched the ground & staggered home late last night with a very full camion blue! Liz xxx

  5. Happy mothers day mom, i hope you have a lovely day, i love you millions and millions you are a wonderful person and beautiful inside and out.....and you are my mummy and i love you, big hugs x x x x x