mardi 22 mars 2011

Putting on the Ritz!!

Bonsoir mes belles....................

I have a fabulous antique damask linen tablecloth from the world-famous Ritz Hotel, Paris to list in my auctions today. It is a stunning piece; fine linen embellished with The Ritz crown and crest and with divine crowns in each corner.

But could someone tell me the secret to photographing white damask?

I tried indoors using a flash and without the flash;  held it to the light; took it out in the sunlight - yet I still don`t feel I have done it justice. There must be a secret to it!
 And have you ever had tea at The Ritz?

6 commentaires:

  1. What a find! I have had afternoon tea at the Ritz in London but not in Paris. I love afternoon teas and the Ritz was the perfect setting.
    Isabelle x

  2. No I haven't, Mum recently had tea at the Vanderbilt.
    I love tea and we sometimes have proper tea parties on the lawn.
    Sorry can't help with the photo problem!
    T x

  3. Many many years ago I often had tea at the Ritz in London because I lived at marble Arch and worked in Baker Street. I used to meet a musician who played for the tea dances !!!!!!!!!

  4. I went with my husband and sister to the Ritz, but they would not let my husband in as he was not suitably dressed so... I left him to wander the streets and my sister and I had a ball!
    Was that a really bad thing to do?..
    Well, you did ask!

  5. No I`d have left him too!!! I hope you saved him something for afterwards!!

  6. I have had tea at your house....would that count? Xxxooo