mercredi 14 septembre 2011

If you could see me now............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have spent days photographing and listing all the items for the brocante sale. The last thing to do today was to put the paypal link buttons in place for each item. It took the ever patient Mark all day long as each button required different HTML and prices. We managed to get finished an hour before the brocante went live and had a well earned glass of Burgundy.

We duly published the blog at 9pm French time after much banter and a queens speech " I now declare this online brocante open..............may gawd bless her and all who sail in her".

And went to rats big time!!! The first paypal button worked perfectly and a big thanks to Hesta Nesta for being first off the starting blocks! But then all the paypal buttons showed that all of the items were either sold, completely different to their description or unavailable.
Well merci Paypal......................NOT!!!!
So as we speak Mark is trying to delete all the paypal buttons, I am batting emails trying to keep track and that bottle of burgundy is almost gone!

So, if you require any item on the brocante just email me before I start on the gin!!
More from the chateau tomorrow if I haven`t hurled myself off the steps!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh dear sounds a nightmare!
    Where is the Brocante? is there a link i am missing somewhere,

  2. How awful it was ....I bid on some fabric 8 o clock on the dot and was asked to pay for some other item...I gave up in the end as i wasn't too sure what I was going to get...everything else came up as sold ha ha I have emailed you with my exciting was more exciting than the sales but not quite as rewarding....what the heck it will come right in the end, and it certainly lightened my evening..
    Good Luck with it all it will come right xx
    Lynn xxx

  3. Poor you Shirley, that is technology for you...Good luck for next time. I think you earned that bottle of burgundy.
    Jo xx