vendredi 2 septembre 2011

Stop that screeching will you?

I have spent all day working in the cuisine at my laptop trying to get all the photographs for the brocante sale uploaded.

 I could hear a screeching sound outside and I glimpsed a white bird passing the doorway from the corner of my eye and thought nothing of it. The noise continued and I went out to look and just caught a quick peek of a white bird going over the chimney. There are lots of owls here so I thought it must be a young owl who has no idea that it was mid-day and not dusk!

I went back to work again but the bird continued screeching and circling the house, so I took another look and waited for him to pass me on one of his laps.

A cockateil! Can you believe it! Where on earth has he come from? He settled in the hazlenut tree and I tried to coax him down in both French and English but he is having none of it and continues to lap the house shouting!  He is like the one below but much lighter in colour.

If he doesn`t stop that screeching he will draw attention to himself and the hawks will arrive. So, as we speak there is a very decorative cage on the lawn with the door open and lots of seed on the ground  trying to coax him down. Mark has his fishing net ready!
Honestly! As if I don`t have enough to do!!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh dear! You don't need this with everything else going on. I used to have a cockatiel as a pet myself in my early 20s, Rocky the Cocky! He liked nothing better than to perch on the edge of my cuppa tea and eat my toast, so maybe some tea and toast will do the trick :-)

  2. Goodness you do have som many adventures ate you chateau! I hope you were succesful in catching him/her, I would hate to hear that he ws snatched by a hawk! That happend to me last year, I nursed a little bird and minutes after I released it a hawk swooped in and took it! It is still seared into my brain.

    Looking forward to your sale!! Good look and don;t work too hard.

  3. Oh Shirley, I am not very good with birds, all a bit too much Alfred Hitchcock for me. If you take it on then you and Mark will end up like Tom and Barbara from the Good Life!
    Counting the hours til the 14th xxxx