dimanche 11 septembre 2011

When will the brocante go 'live' online..................?

With so many different time zones around the world, I have had to give this question some thought before deciding when best to start my brocante sale. It has not been an easy choice to make but I can confirm that the 'chateau' gates shall open and my brocante shall go 'live' this coming Wednesday, 14th September, at   9.00pm local French time (which is 7.00pm Greenwich Mean Time). 

The link below enables you to work out the equivalent  time in your own town, wherever you may be in the world. Simply put in the date of the brocante,  state 'France / Caen' in the first space and scroll down the menu card to find your city and insert it in the second space.


2 commentaires:

  1. Bonne chance avec votre brocante ce soir!
    (Hope that's somewhere close)

    Looking forward to seeing those little treasures, and just think, the more you sell the more space you'll have to fill with your early morning truffling!

  2. Have I missed the link Shirley? Is it chateaubrocante?