samedi 17 septembre 2011

Simply-chateau giveaway............

After all the wonderful emails of support after the initial trials and tribulations but ultimately very sucessful online brocante,  I think a giveaway is in order  - and I think this  gorgeous shabby chic oil cloth shopper would be perfect !

A sweet little bag full of Paris panache perfect for La supermarche!

Talking of Paris I am off to to meet up with Tartelette there for a few days brocanting so whilst I am away simply tell me what you would like to find behind this door..........whatever your heart desires.....anything at all....let your imagination run riot!

I will choose a winner when I get home...hopefully laden with treasures!

I have left the online brocante open and there is a new direct link there on the top right of the page.

A bientot !

13 commentaires:

  1. I would like to find oodles of beautiful French ribbons and ribbon work or perhaps something sparkly. A chandelier perhaps? A girl can dream, can't she?


  2. Ribbons on their original old Paris labelled rolls.....................if only!!

  3. What a wonderful blog you have! Things from France? How wonderful! Please, enter me in your giveaway!

  4. Johnny Depp of course!!
    Have fun with Tartelette.... is Paris ready for you two girls I wonder?! xxxx

  5. Darling lil shopper! Hope your having a grand time with Miss CoCo~Cheers Kim

  6. Love that Oil cloth bag, so beautifully done! I just found your blog, how lovely!

  7. What a lovely idea!

    I hope it is a toile bedecked tunnel lit by huge antique chandeliers, that leads to simply-chateau's hoard of treasures.

  8. Love the bag, and your blog! Please sign me up for the giveaway. Thanks, Judy @ Distressed, But Not Forsaken

  9. Hhhhmmmm, as I am getting married in November to the man of my dreams, maybe him, sitting at a beautiful French garden table, with a fabulous chandelier hanging over it, and a bottle of champagne... Please enter me in the draw!

  10. A time machine, an 18th century costume that would fit me, a suitcase full of money of the day and the ability to bring back as many future antiques as possible, PRETTY PLEASE.
    I want that bag!
    Have a great time in gay Paris :-)

  11. At first I couldn’t work out what my dream was about last night but, on reflection, I think it was probably triggered by this blog!

    The door is at the back of our new house in France, and I only found it once I’d cut down years of growth in the small back garden. It’s difficult to open due to its age, weeds, rust and dust built up over the decades, but, with a little bit of effort it’s persuaded to give up its secrets...

    There’s a light switch inside the barn and amazingly, the lights still work when switched on. They’re dim and not the greatest help, however, my eyes soon become accustomed to the gloom and when they do .... I can see a gorgeous pair of long velvet curtains in deep red, covered in cherubs. Dusty and cob-webbed within an inch of their life, but otherwise in good condition, they’re exactly what my other half wants for our house in the Dordogne. As I move them to examine the quality and workmanship, I catch a glimpse of rich mahogany with brass inlay scrolls on the item that is keeping them off the ground. Further examination brings to light a magnificent 18th century grandfather clock, which again co-incidentally, is exactly what my wife is looking for to go in the hallway of our house. As I look around the room, there’s only one other thing in there, and it’s covered with dust sheets. I look at the shape and my heart misses a beat ..... it can’t be, can it? I gently peel back the covers to reveal a classic French piece of engineering – a 1954 Citroen 11CV Traction Avant – the car of my dreams!

    And that’s when I realised that it was just that ........ only a dream!

    Come on, a man can dream can’t he???

    (Alternately, the door could be opened to reveal the missing staircase, and whatever lies beyond and below, at Chateau Shirley!)

  12. Have a wonderful time in gay Paris!

    I pull open the heavy door and wipe away the cobwebs as i tiptoe inside,i light my candle and my eyes try to become accustomed to the dark,it is cold and i see my breath swirl in front of me..i pull my shawl up around my shoulders and begin to walk forward... i see sparkling and twinkling and a soft warm glow that looks like fairy lights but only they are moving in a perfect arch,i can hear an old music box playing as i walk further into the dark,a strong gust of wind blows out my candle and it drops to the floor,i look up to see Marie Antoinette's wedding gown on a mannequin inside a huge domed cloche with fireflies all around.
    The End x