mardi 6 septembre 2011

The 'simply-chateau brocante sale' .........

I am still working my way through numerous boxes and bags full of 'scrummies' that I need to sort out for the brocante sale. They had been tucked away either because I thought they were too small to list on my Ebay site or I was quite precious about parting with them at the time!!!

And so it is quite a slow process sorting through things, putting them in different piles and then getting distracted by something I spot in another box and go sorting through that instead! I get engrossed in unpacking one box, pick out a few things then skip to another box;  by the end of the day I have achieved nothing except being surrounded by several big stacks of goodies!  I then remember where a certain item came from and go searching for something else I remember which came with it! I am usually very get up and go but for some reason I am a bit "fluffy" with it all at the moment!! I seem to be busy doing nothing!

I have decided that rather than overwhelm myself with huge piles I am going to deal with each item as I unpack it, photograph it immediately, list it in the sale and then go for the next item in the box irrespective of what is lurking underneath it! Does that make sense?

I never realised that I had hoarded so much...I really didn`t! But it is nice to look back at each piece; |I can usually remember exactly where a particular item came from.  I suppose I am just being a bit indulgent!

I am going to tackle the ribbons and textiles today, photograph immediately and then stack ready for the brocante day.



( GULP!)

3 commentaires:

  1. Shirley,
    I'm the same, it's called FOCUS! Focus is something I wasn't blessed with. Something else always takes my fancy, oooh a butterfly, so I think your idea of photographing, ooohh, cup of tea, and then listing as you go along, oooh need a pee, is a good one my dear.

    Anyway good luck with your listi

  2. Items that jog the memory and bring back special thoughts of where they were bought etc etc are worth lingering over but it's disappointing when you feel you have done a lot but not achieved anything!

  3. How fun! Wish I could come I am sure it will be fabulous~Cheers Kim