mardi 20 juillet 2010

Bonjour mes belles......................................

Bonjour mes belles! I am now back at home yet my feet have hardly touched the ground since I arrived! 
Firstly the mystery chair......and most of you thought it might be a birthing chair and I suppose, in one way or another, that the activities on it might have led to that!!! I happened to be watching a most interesting TV documentary about Queen Victoria's eldest son, Edward [who later became King Edward VII) when the story turned to his extra-marital activities. The story goes that this chair was specially commissioned by Prince Bertie (as he was known) as a love seat to be placed in his favourite Paris brothel so that he could enjoy the delights of more than one mademoiselle at a time!  Here is a link giving the Prince's shinannigins in more detail..................

And now on a more innocent note, and the most important news of all. Here is our new darling grand-daughter, Jessica Elizabeth, born last week and just two days old in the picture.

Yes......... of course I cried!!!! She is just so beautiful.

We arrived home late on Friday and went straight into making preparations for my birthday garden party the following day.
 This year's theme was the 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' - but we changed "tea" to "aperitif" party as I am sure our friends ( knowing them as well as I do!!) would not have been happy with just tea! The only rule of entry was that everyone had to  wear a mad hat, and heavens did we get some amazing creations!

Diggers was on 'meet and greet' duty as usual at the gate wearing his bright red bow tie. That dog certainly knows how to work a party. He spent the night standing next to whoever was eating, looking at them with sad eyes doing the guilt thing. He ate so many 'hand-downs' that I thought he would explode!!!
 At one point I saw him cross the garden with a huge piece of garlic breaded chicken and start to bury it on the other side! As he was a rescued dog I think that the fear of starvation has never left him and he has to stockpile provisions just in case he should ever go hungry again. Judging by the size of his derriere I don`t think that`s you?

 The weather was good to us and we had a wonderful long, relaxing evening in the company of our many good friends. We stayed up so late in fact that we didn`t clear up after the party at all but went straight to bed.
And so to the next morning,Sunday, which was an early start as normal. Ignoring the chaos of glasses and plates still scattered on the table under the marquee we set off brocanting.
We found more gorgeous treasures which I shall be listing over the coming weeks, then came home pretty well shattered due to the heat of the morning only to face the cleaning up. By then I really wished we had cleaned up the night before!!!!
So now I am trying to catch up with packaging parcels, photographing  and listing my latest finds whilst, at the same time, answering all my emails.
On reflection, I wouldn`t have it any other way!!!

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  1. Good grief! I would never have guessed!

  2. Your grand-daughter is indeed very grand, and very beautiful! Such a sweet expression.

    Happy Birthday!