samedi 31 juillet 2010

A little bit of treasure on the beach!

Up early this morning for a brocante on the beach! When we set off at 5.30am it was calm, humid but very dull. As we arrived at the beach we could see a host of small fishing boats having quite a rough time on the choppy sea , the wind was lashing and then the rain started! How inconsiderate?!!! It can rain after I have truffled for treasures merci!

But lots of hardy and very windblown brocanteurs had already set up so we ignored the rain and set off! I am so glad we did because I instantly found a whole batch of 1950s dresses mostly unworn and I would have been quite happy with just having found those considering the weather but then I saw a face I recognised just unloading his old battered van.

Once a year Guillaume who lives in Paris comes to his family holiday cottage by the sea for his August break. In Paris he works hard as a house and factory clearance service and saves any old items he finds to take a stall at the beach brocante. I met him many years ago at the same brocante when he had a delicious Edwardian bathing tent for sale and we had both become trapped inside copious folds of striped canvas as we tried to see if all the poles were intact! I remember he called me the "mad English lady"!

 I was a little sad after perusing his boxes that there didn`t seem to be anything for me this year, but then Guillaume recognised my face and after the obligatory four kisses on the cheeks called me to the back of the van.

 He told me that he had cleaned out an old printing factory ready for a renovation and as well as all the huge machinery he had found some wonderful old advertising pieces still boxed. Some of the larger and more important pieces he had placed in a Paris auction but many of the small items he had kept for the stand.  He produced a box of exquisite petite advertising purse mirrors and said he thought I would like them. Like them? I bought the lot there and then and then gave him two more kisses as I was so delighted!

Exit one delighted "mad English lady" leaving behind one very bemused brocanteur with quite a glint in his eye!!!
I am listing some of them in my auctions later today. Rain? what rain?!!!

A la prochaine......................

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