vendredi 2 juillet 2010

Please come and help do the dishes.....................

The weather in Normandie is scorching and that is so wonderful as it has been a long, long cold winter here on the marshes! Every window, shutter and doorway is flung open and it is totally heaven!

 Whilst the weather is so good we held a dinner party last night in our garden overlooking the marsh. Due to the heat, the trusty old marquee came out once again and the table was laid for 18 . (Where were you Blanche? Being back in the UK is no excuse? Where were you Amy? was not too far to travel from Oregon USA for one evening? could have done the back stroke over the channel from Dorset!!)
Mark spent the day sorting out the drinks, parasols, marquee, lighting, a huge punch bowl of cold Pimms filled with fresh fruit and sourced chairs from everywhere!!
I spent the day cooking and as I am without the doubt the Countess of Quiche I covered all of the possible variations. When I was just considering Jack Russell and caramelised apricot cat I realised it was time to stop. But undoubtedly my greatest success was my sticky lime chicken, which was more luck than judgement as I have never cooked it before!


Into a bowl put the rind and juice of 2 limes. Add 2 or 3 grated garlic cloves, a good splash of olive oil, a good glug of clear honey, lots of fresh black pepper. Cover chicken strips and leave to marinate and roast when required.

It was a long riotous evening that went on until about 2am this morning! Diggers ( Monsieur Digbert Fanshaw-Brownshaw) my beloved Jack Russell knows how to work a dinner table and spent the evening under the table gently prodding knees with his paw and being secretly fed by everyone! I didn`t put his dickie bow on as I thought he would be too hot but he was still appealing without it judging by the amount of chicken I saw him eating!

Charles our three legged cat ( The Baron du Breuil) was hysterically funny. It is the first time he has ever seen such a large number of people and spent the night showing off darting and leaping in front of the marquee like an apricot lunatic! When he was totally shattered he hid under the cloth on the drinks table and spent the night darting a paw out at anyone who went too close.
and so the night progressed.....lots of wine and very good company......

and more wine......and more wine........Charles proudly entered the tent at about 1a.m. to show off the mouse he had caught in the field...exit me! I realised the bats were out in the garden so I very quickly returned under cover!
But .....................we left the table, dishes and cleaning up until this I wish we hadn`t...please come and help!!! I promise to reward you with quiche, quiche and even more quiche!

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  1. Bonjour Shirley,
    It looks like a lovely evening. Great setting. Sorry I can't make it over to help with the big clean-up...
    Try to stay cool,