samedi 3 juillet 2010

Samedi matin............brocante!!!!

Up at 5.30am for a wonderful brocante on a village was fairly busy even at that time of the morning.....................
I found something SO divine it made my day, my weekend and my week! I will keep you guessing until tomorrow when I can photograph them for you!!

Right at the centre of the brocante was Monsieur Saussison himself!!!! His stock not as old as most of the stands but very well cured instead!!

See anything you want?

After cafe and croissants....of course my favourite Croissant armande...we left for home but found ourselves crawling along at a snail pace behind a typical beret clad monsieur on his bicyclette...........

But I must say "merci" to him because if we hadn`t have been moving so slowly we wouldn`t have spotted this sign outside a small old house for a house clearance........

The charming couple were selling the house left to them by an old relative and had opened the doors and everything inside had a price tag! I always find it such a giggle wandering from room to room around someone else`s house when even the toilet roll holder has a price tag!!
We finished off the morning with a visit to one of my favourite shops...................
Oh how I would love that old car!!!

Madame who owns this superb shop inherited the business from her father who had inherited it from his father - so antiques are a long tradition in their family. She had saved me a couple of delicious morceaux of 19th century textile and I found a couple more treasures in their courtyard store at the back of the shop.
Same again tomorrow? Please be up and ready by 5am!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh how I wish I was there!! And yes, I too would love to drive that little car.

  2. Shirley as always your blogs are a delight and I am now turning pea green rapidly ! keep it up and big hugs Lindax

  3. Wondering what you bought that made your week. Can't wait to find out....