vendredi 23 juillet 2010


As you will see from the reply to yesterdays blog I appear to have a very bad case of BROCANTITIS..................................

Dear Shirley
It is not madness or indeed old age, it is in fact Brocantitis. A little known disease discovered by Dr.Herbert dim. With very little warning it hits antique dealers after around 25 years of trading, and is particularly virulent after several years of selling on ebay. Dr.Dims paper published by the G.M.C in 1971, symptomizes the truffling in old dowry chests filled with vintage French fabrics, delving into boxes of ormolu bronze fittings and grabbing Gustavian grey pediments often distressed with the passing of time. He goes on to warn of the dire consequences of haberdashering, the collecting of passementerie, buttons, trims and lace. Dim claims this all confuses the brain and eventually forces a shutdown, unless, while there is still a glimmer of hope, a period of abstinence from buying is enforced and a holiday taken for at least two weeks.

If there is no cure other than missing the brocantes then I am afraid I will have to suffer it and if it is infectious then I may be a " carrier" !!!!
But just look at this divine 19th century silk and organza corset........................

If this is the results of brocantitis then I`ll keep it .....merci!!!

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