jeudi 29 juillet 2010

The mouse sized Mairie.................

Every town and village in France has its mayor, who in turn works from his/her 'mairie', or town hall. Even a small hamlet consisting of a few houses  has a mairie. The towns tend to have large, impressive flag-bedecked buildings - but here, in our small Normandie villages, we have divine little treasures.
This one is so cute and adjacent to it is the old lavoir where the women of the village would have knelt to wash their laundry every day, summer or winter, in days gone by.

I wonder if this one in a neighbouring village was was built by the same monsieur?

Just a few kilometres away and this one is slightly little larger and also has the 'tricolour' flying!

Last but not least this is our own Mairie. Tiny as it is there is the most amazing 19th century white marble fireplace inside! It is open for business every Tuesday afternoon and everyone is greeted with a kiss on each cheek by our charming lady Mayoress - before getting down to business, perhaps to hand in a new 'planning application' form or ask for a hunting licence.

I love the gentle slow pace of life here and the timeless traditions. But  more so I love that wonderful white marble fireplace!  I have just the right spot for in in our renovation project.
After all it would be staying in the village!!! So....... how do I get my hands on it?

Plan a tiara and run for Mayoress.
Plan B......get Mark to propose to the Mayoress.
Plan C......tunnel underneath the building at the dead of night and hope it falls into the tunnel.
Plan D........haven`t thought of that one yet....suggestions welcome!

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