jeudi 22 juillet 2010

Whoops.....................pyjamas are compulsory.............

Thats it.....I have definitely now been living here long enough to be losing control of the English language! Sometimes I simply cannot remember the English word I need and can only remember the French instead. Whilst in the UK last week I wanted to say something was not compulsory but hard as I tried could only remember the French equivalent of "Obligatoire" which seems to flow off the tongue more easily!

When I do remember the English words they are the wrong ones. Today in the supermarche I asked Mark in the fruit and vegetable section to get me a bunch of pyjamas. He must also be losing the plot because he did in fact come back with bananas and last week he told me it was so hot he was going to go "berlingo" under his shorts.......he actually meant commando!

 Heaven knows what I`ll be like when I do finally lose the plot ! My grandmother was quite early to lose her memory which was so difficult as she lived to a grand old age of 96! My mother was even younger , was totally unaware and was as happy as a lark! She would have eaten ice cream cones all day if we had let her as she couldn`t remember how many she had already scoffed!!! One morning we took her fishing to a carp lake in Dorset , sat her down with a rod and a picnic and she caught the hugest carp you have ever seen that put all us other anglers to shame!!! Later that night we asked if she was proud of her catch to which she replied "what fish?.....I have never been fishing in my life"!!!!!

What worries me is that I may already have gone and do not know I have gone , I may be bizarre already and everyone is afraid to tell me!!!!  Show me the ice creams I say!

But my purchase of this divine cherub at an early morning brocante was not an act of madness. I was delighted when I found him and due to his condition and old glass eyes I paid quite a large sum for my treasure.

 A little later and a few stands further along I saw another and then as the day progressed a larger one and then an even larger one! So, he is the latest reproduction to hit the market and any antique dealer that tells you they never make mistakes is telling a huge one! After 25 years of dealing in decorative antiques I am still gullible!!! Fortunately I love him but it is a good kick up the derriere to remind me to be very careful.

Until tomorrow............or is that until tomato?

3 commentaires:

  1. Hi, I can sympathize with that, never finding the right word when you need it, or the french one coming to mind before the english, is this old age creeping up I ask myself. It must be as a friend was advising me today to go to the chemist and get some vitamin tablets for ladies over 45....they're very good apparently.
    My dad was like your mum from the sound of it....maybe I'll go to the chemist tomorrow!

  2. It is not madness or indeed old age, it is in fact Brocantitis. A little known disease discovered by Dr.Herbert dim. With very little warning it hits antique dealers after around 25 years of trading, and is particularly virulent after several years of selling on ebay. Dr.Dims paper published by the G.M.C in 1971, symptomizes the truffling in old dowry chests filled with vintage French fabrics, delving into boxes of ormolu bronze fittings and grabbing Gustavian grey pediments often distressed with the passing of time. He goes on to warn of the dire consequences of haberdashering, the collecting of passementerie, buttons, trims and lace. Dim claims this all confuses the brain and eventually forces a shutdown, unless, while there is still a glimmer of hope, a period of abstinence from buying is enforced and a holiday taken for at least two weeks.

  3. Mr Collins I do believe that you also have a very bad case of brocantitis....much worse in men so I gather? Doctor Dim states that with the male species it takes on a form more for ormolu, pewter, ancient artifacts, documents and bits of old black wood.
    The only treatment for this is missing tomorrows brocante at Ste M. Sorry you will be missing it. Looks like I will have it to myself then as I am sure you will want to clear up this nasty affliction as soon as possible.