vendredi 26 avril 2013

A little money laundering..................

We were all set to rush off to la poste today with all our packages ready to catch the lorry that leaves for Paris at 2.30. Mark grabbed his wallet and realised our bank card was missing so we launched a search.

Half an hour later we still hadn`t found it so we tried to track back to the last time we used it and what we were wearing. Mark thought he might have slipped it into his shirt pocket, the shirt that had just been on a hot wash cycle in the washing machine.

And oui! There it was lying in the drum looking quite shiny. We set off for La poste and tried it in the bank cash point on the way.....................saved!!! It worked perfectly!!!

I shall be checking his pockets in future!

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles.....

1 commentaire:

  1. Aaaagggghhhhh...I hate putting my hands into other peoples pockets but if I don't there are always screws and nails destined for the wash.
    When I was in India and M had to do the washing he didn't check and it cost him £80 for a new passport for Tom, you would think that they would learn??????
    T x