jeudi 11 avril 2013


I spent all day yesterday truffling for treasures at a really busy brocante. It was a wonderful day and I came home with some delicieux finds but..................................

I seemed to spend all day being hit in the face by backpacks!! I know some dealers sell small items and use a backpack to carry their purchases whilst keeping their hands free.

But, when they whip around to change direction whoever is behind them gets the back pack in the face....especially at my height! Perhaps they should have those warning beeps like lorries use when reversing?

I have decided that the next one that hits me in the face is going to get it. I am going to grip onto the backpack and refuse to let go! If they whip round to see who it is I will whip round with them like a monkey on a stick!!! They are going to have to take it off to save themselves!!!!


A la prochaine mes belles

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