mardi 2 avril 2013

The wolf at the door............

Three 19th century apartments have come up for sale locally.....

From the outside the building is captivating.....oeil de boeuf windows, cherubs, stunning cast iron grille balconnieres....................and those sweet ticking sun canopies!

But what is that wolf all about? How I would love to know the story. Why would someone incorporate a wolf into their house design?

Did the owner come out and howl at the moon?! A wolf is meant to signify power and strength and I am now desperate to know the story behind the old place!

I am even more desperate to take a look inside to see if the interior is as captivating as the outside.

How am I going to get in there mes belles?!

A la prochaine

8 commentaires:

  1. Knowing you (and your exploits)you'll find a way to get in Shirley! And when you do - please share it with us. Cx

  2. SWEET, you might just get in, don't give up. There's a story there, you betcha there is.

  3. Intriguing. I'd like a little look.

  4. And you need to take photographs because a friend in Australia is interested in buying it. (Find out the price for me to sivousplait) My schoolgirl french is a bit rustly, oh and is my english.
    email is if you need it to be convincing,