lundi 1 avril 2013

A petite Easter herisson.......

After  brocanting today in the freezing cold we decided a steaming hot chocolat and a treat were in order.

 The car was soon loaded with treasures but where to go on Easter Monday? Of course it had to be Patisserie Mathilde!!!

As usual their choice and display were magnificent.

How can you possibly choose what to have with a hot chocolat when there are so many delights?

I settled for a chocolat herisson ( hedgehog)....

He didn`t keep those spikes very long I can tell you!!

Happy Easter mes belles


3 commentaires:

  1. Now that is a way to spend Easter Monday ha ha
    Lynn xxx

  2. What a lovely day, even if it was cold. I would not of stopped at one cake !

  3. OH Me Oh My !!
    What a beautiful array of goodies both inside and out ! Thanks for the inspiration........note to self---why am I not living in france ????? :)
    love and hugs,
    MS Darling xXx