jeudi 25 avril 2013

The old mill...............

This old local flour mill is so beautiful.

Slowly crumbling with what is left of the old wooden mill wheel all knotted up in ivy and thorns.

I don`t suppose anyone even knows who owns it anymore


The brook that would have turned the wheel still rushes past and the water diverts inside the mill but sits in a stagnant pool without the wheel to move it along.

In the early 1800s it would have been a hive of activity milling flour for the village.

Silent, still and so sad now.

Every time we pass it calls out to me to bring it back to life it and get that wheel working again.

Can you imagine living in that huge beamed high ceiling cottage with the sound of the water slooshing around the wheel?

A la prochaine mes belles

2 commentaires:

  1. That is sad, Shirley. Now I wonder what it looks like inside, I will dream of boxes of saved treasures...even though we both know that is not true.

    Hope you are feeling better every day!

    1. Hi Rhonda
      Back in the land of the living.....mainly because there are two fab brocantes this weekend and I never ever miss them!! I would go in my nightshirt if I had to!!! I have watched the windows and roof rot year after year on this old mill and now it is open to the elements. Nest the big beams will go and someone will have to tackle it as it is right on the road side. I am desperate to go in but the door is jammed and that means climbing through a window.......................don`t tempt me!!!
      Have a wonderful weekend