lundi 23 mai 2011

Cute vintage Paper Lanterns.........

Last week on my travels I found two boxes brimming with old paper lanterns.................
Lots of different bright and breezy colours and all very well preserved........
all with their little metal candle holders inside...( might not be using that facility!!).....and fine wirework hangers.....
There must be 40 in the batch and I adore them!!! I can feel another garden lunch coming on just so I can tie them along the bunting!
A la prochaine mes belles.................

4 commentaires:

  1. Hello Shirley:
    What enormous fun these are and in such gay colours. We can so well imagine them strung up for a party and at night, with candles alight within them they would look so pretty - until they caught fire!!

  2. That was my worry too!!! I think they are 1930s and its a wonder they survived at all!
    I might try those little battery lights to see how they look......or track down a firefly!!

  3. It agree with you, it always amazes me how delicate things like these paper lanterns manage to stay intact for 80 years. They are fabulous and a great excuse to throw a garden party! xx

  4. the lanterns look wonderful - very scene setting!