samedi 21 mai 2011

Gorgeous weather and gorgeous friends.............

A long relaxed lunch today with some wonderful friends including my two long time textile dealer friends from the UK.  Linda Clift and Lizzie Drake were passing through en route to a vintage textile and costume fair.

It was wonderful to catch up on all the news from the UK and we sat overlooking the marsh for a good few hours. 

 As we sat down to eat a blackbird flew into the pear tree above and sang all afternoon! His song was so beautiful that I am sure they thought it was a recording that I had managed to conceal with speakers!!!

Perfectly timed birdsong......perfect friends and a perfect summer afternoon.

La belle France never fails to please!

7 commentaires:

  1. Sounds like a perfect day! ~Cheers Kim

  2. sounds perfect Shirley. had the girls thawed out after their chilly time in Glastonbury!!! Liz x

  3. Hello Shirley:
    Lazy days and long lunches with friends, how absolutely perfect. The bunting decked gazebo adds a touch of fun to the proceedings and a good time sounds to have been had by all.

    Great minds, as they say.....we were doing the same thing, only indoors, yesterday. Our 'lunch' finished at 7pm, with wine flowing long after the food had finished. We suspect that yours could well have followed the same pattern!

  4. What a lovely way to spend time with dear friends, and in such a wonderful setting too. As I write these comments, I am glancing over my laptop, out the window at a dark grey sky, and watching a strong wind destroy my beautiful peonies.....
    going to now google holidays in France!
    Abby xx

  5. Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for stopping-by my blog and for your comment. As you know, I shared a venue with Linda and Lizzie on Friday! I'm sure you all had a lot of laughs...

    I saw you at Shepton Flea a couple of months ago, but you didn't recognise me(!) - I was with my friend Debbie...well it has been a few years...I'll forgive you! ;-))

    I have bought quite a bit from your daughter too (at the car boot) - a small pale blue painted cupboard that she made-over will soon have pride of place in our spare single bedroom.

    Best wishes to you,

  6. Hi Shirley, thanks for the invite. Will let you know when we are next coming over. Glad its not today as the crossing would be rough! We were meant to be going to Ireland, but have cancelled.... xx

  7. Sounds absolutely perfect Shirley. Missed you at vintage at the village hall but hopefully one day we'll catch up. Love the doll from your previous post.
    Jo xx