jeudi 19 mai 2011

Chez nous.................

Finally home after 4 days of truffling and the break was wonderful. Beautiful warm weather, lots of brocantes and the thrill of waking up in a new place each day with the promise of finding something wonderful hiding in a place I have never searched before. I most definitely have a bad case of brocantitus and I hope it is never cured!!
I have some divine treasures to list and here is one of my favourites.......
What shall I call her?

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  1. Nora Batty. looks like her stockings are crinckled!! By the way, she's cute.
    Nice to see you back on the blog circuit X

  2. Hello:
    Perhaps she can be called 'Sugar Plum' and dance to her music which is playing?!!

    If she needs a home we have a dolls' house about which we posted recently. It might be a little cramped for her but they would be of similar vintage.

    We are so pleased to have found you via Wendz and shall return to read about more of your treasures.

  3. She is so lovely and reminds me of your little blog picture, so maybe Angel or Cherub would be a suitable name?
    Hope your back is better... nothing like a truffling trip to ease the pain ;~)Abby xx

  4. Oh you should so call her CoCo she looks like Miss Amy Lol So cute and all~Cheers Kim

  5. She looks like a Simone, to me - so pretty - Must date from the 1930's? You find such treasures, Shirley! x

  6. Shirley - I dont usually have the sound on my laptop and laughed when I heard the tune on your blog, I can just see you piroetting around the brocantes on your bad ankle with yur bad back......
    Anyway I think all dolls are evil, I cant stand them, however this one I think has the hairdo of a certain popstar when she was "vogueing" so I think she should be called Madge or Madonna!
    T X

  7. you should call her ima as "im a" gonna get you. you know im scared of dolls. x froufrou