mercredi 25 mai 2011

The cheeky little minx!

I found this gorgeous picture on my travels last week and thought it was just a cute 1950s print. I adore the shabby old French grey frame and the soft hues............................
The glass was incredibly dusty and when I got home and cleaned it up I was over the moon to see it is a pastel not a print and a very well done one at that! I wonder who that glamour puss was the cheeky little minx?

Would you have the courage to bare all for an artist?

7 commentaires:

  1. I would if I looked like that! x Gorgeous

  2. Thinking of doing just that for charity -wish I had her figure though-wouldn`t be a problem [well not as much of one ] if I did !

  3. OOOer Missus!!wish I had a well upholstered upper shelf like that!! All I can visualise is Morecombe and Wise making breakfast to this music!! Have a lovely week.
    Jo xx

  4. The music made my husband rush into the room, I think he was disappointed to find me typing over my laptop rather than about to perform a lapdance! x

  5. no way - it would put you off your dinner - lol!!! Fab blog by the way - lovely!

  6. Absolutely beautiful, reminds me of my wife ..... 25-30 years ago before MS changed her body irrevocably! Shame it's not up on your E-bay site, but I don't think I'd have been able to part with it either.